3 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Roller Skating

Roller Disco Rink Lit up in the DarkSkating has a long and colorful history, full of wild stories and interesting tidbits. Here are a few choice roller skating facts we bet you probably didn’t know:

    • Roller skating is much older than roller disco or 1950s carhops. Roller skating actually dates back to 1760. John Joseph Merlin originally invented roller skates and wanted to unveil them by skating into a fancy London party while playing the violin. Unfortunately, Merlin wasn’t practiced enough and instead of marveling guests, he crashed into a mirror and injured himself pretty badly.
    • Even the Amish like roller skating! While the Amish have chosen to forgo the use of cars and other modern machines, roller skates aren’t included. Roller skates have long been an accepted transportation form in Amish communities, although inline skates aren’t nearly as widely accepted.
    • Skating rinks are not just for kids. A skating rink is a wonderfully unique place to bring a date. That someone special will be thrilled to break the monotony of the traditional dinner and a movie date. Our rink also makes for the perfect Fort Collins party venue no matter whether you are planning a corporate outing, class reunion, bachelor or bachelorette party, or a birthday party for an adult or child

Now that you know a little bit more about skating and roller rinks, come experience one for yourself! Our Fort Collins skating center always has something fun to do. Check out our hours and upcoming Fort Collins events, and make your plans to visit today.

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