3 Roller Skating Questions (and Answers!) for the Intermediate Skater

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Learning how to stay upright and move forward on skates is a feat unto itself. If you’ve mastered the beginner roller skating skills, congratulations! Once you’re a little more comfortable on wheels, you may have some questions about how to level up your skating game. Check out these roller skating tips and tricks to help you get even more comfortable on the rink! 

How do I stop on skates? 

Learning how to stop on roller skates is just as important as learning how to get going in them! Practice these three types of stops so you can do them all and use whichever one best fits the situation. 

  • Toe stop – Use the toe stop on the tip of your skate to create friction and slow your roll. Just tilt the toe of your back foot down enough to gently drag the floor. 
  • Spin stop – Plant one foot, allowing the other to continue gliding around you, pulling your body into a twirl.
  • Plough stop – Often used in roller derby, this type of stop requires you to widen your stance and then point your toes in to create the friction needed to stop. Check out this video to learn how to plough stop

How do I skate backwards? 

You’ve probably seen other skaters spinning and twirling, skating backwards and zig-zagging, and generally getting into a flow with the music. If you’re wondering how to skate backwards so you, too, can look cool and carefree on the rink, try these steps. 

  • Make a V with your feet, toes pointed inward towards each other. 
  • Bending your knees slightly, move your heels outward and bring them back together. You can continue this motion, or for a more advanced option, you can glide by putting slight pressure on the toes of one foot while lifting the opposite foot.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and look back to make sure you’re not going to hit any other skaters.  

Should I buy my own skates? 

If you skate regularly, you might want to consider buying your own roller skates. You’ll save money on rental fees, and you can choose the style that fits your personality best. Stop into our pro shop next time you’re here; we’d love to help you choose a great pair of skates! 

Remember, practice makes perfect! The best way to improve your roller skating skills is by skating. Check out our schedule to plan your next visit to our Fort Collins skating rink

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