4 Roller Skate Maintenance Tips

Opened roller skate ball bearingsBefore you take your skates out to our wonderful Fort Collins roller skating center, make sure your skates are properly maintained and in good working order. Check out these 4 roller skate maintenance tips to keep your skates working in tip-top shape:

Skate Boots

It’s important to keep your skate boots dry. Make sure to wipe all the moisture from your boots inside and outside each time they get wet. Also, never use an electric heater (like a blow dryer or clothing dryer), as this can cause warping and other damage. Instead, loosen your laces and let your boots dry naturally after wiping them down.

Skate Wheels

Make sure your wheels spin freely and are free from built-up dirt. If they’re dirty, remove them and give them a quick cleaning. You should also take this time to check for damage or excessive wear. If the wheels are wearing unevenly, rotate them.


Enclosed bearings are normally maintenance free, but it’s still important to keep them clean and dry (this is especially important for outdoor skates). If your bearings are not enclosed, then they’ll need periodic lubrication. To do this, simply remove them from the wheels, wipe them off with a cloth, and apply a couple drops of bearing lube.

Skate Truck

Make sure your skate trucks are tight. If you’ve loosened your trucks for better mobility, then they’ll need to be checked more frequently.

Now that you know how to properly maintain your skates, make plans to head to Rollerland Skate Center! Or check out our events calendar to find out more about our upcoming Fort Collins events.

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