5 Ways to Customize Your Roller Skates

Action photo of roller derby skaters wearing colorful accessoriesYou can be found at the skating rink whenever you have a chance, and you love showing off your moves when your favorite songs come on! So why don’t your skates reflect your unique personality? If you want to stand out on and off the rink, check out these tips for customizing your roller skates (and gear) from your fellow skating fans at Rollerland Skate Center in Fort Collins. 

5 Ways to Customize Roller Skates and Skate Gear

  • Boots – These days you can get inline and quad skates in tons of colors, materials, and finishes, from holographic glitter to classic leather. But the boot itself isn’t the only way to add style to your skates. 
    • Protective boot covers – These not only protect your skates from scuffs and dirt, but they can also allow you to change up your style with different fabrics based on your mood, the season, or just because! You can even make your own skate covers if you’re feeling crafty! 
    • All of the lights – From light-up laces and wheels to light bars that go under your skates, there are a ton of ways to get your glow on. 
    • Other roller skate accessories – You can also decorate your skate boots with pom poms, bows, toe guards, and even changing out the colors of your toe stops or toe plugs. 
  • Pads and protective gear – Don’t neglect personal style when choosing your elbow and knee pads, helmet, and wrist guards! You can find these in all sorts of colors and patterns to coordinate with your skates. 
  • Bag – If you own your own skates you should definitely invest in a bag to transport them in. Skate bags are available in a variety of colors and materials, but you can also add some custom style with buttons, enamel pins, and stickers from your favorite artists or bands. 

Remember, you don’t have to play roller derby to have fun and colorful skating gear… But you can certainly look to it for inspiration! Whatever your roller skate style may be, you can find the skates, equipment, and accessories you need at our Fort Collins pro shop. Stop by and chat skates with us anytime – we’d love to help you express yourself with fun accessories or maintain your gear with bearings, wheels, and other skating equipment.

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