Falling on Skates Is Bound To Happen – These Tips Can Make It Hurt Less

Yellow caution sign with figure falling backwardsIf you’re learning to roller skate, it’s inevitable – you WILL fall down. But what you might not know is that there’s actually a “right” way to fall. Read on for some tips from Rollerland Skate Center to help you learn how to fall safely on roller skates, so you can get back up and keep rolling.

Try to fall FORWARD, not backward

If you feel yourself losing your balance, try to go down on one knee in a controlled forward fall, rather than falling backwards and landing on your tailbone. Bruising your tailbone can be quite painful and take a while to heal, whereas if you are wearing protective gear (which you should as a new skater) your knee pads and wrist guards will help protect you in a forward fall. 

Protect your hands

Whichever way you fall, your instinct will be to put your hands out flat to catch yourself. Unfortunately that’s a good way to get your fingers run over by another skater! Instead, get your hands off the floor as soon as possible. Practice getting up off the floor in skates without using your hands until it’s second nature to you. 

Choose a side

Sometimes you can’t help it and you’re going to fall backward. If you feel this happening, try to shift your weight to one side or the other and land on one glute or the other. By taking the impact on your glute instead of smack in the center of your tailbone, the muscle will be able to absorb some of the force of the fall with less chance of injury. 

Of course, practice makes perfect, so if you’re learning how to skate consider taking skate lessons here at our Fort Collins skating rink! We can help you improve your skills and become the confident skater you’ve always wanted to be. 

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