Keep Summer Fun Alive with After-School Skating

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School is back in session here in Fort Collins, and students are adjusting to their busy academic schedules. While the lazy days of summer are over for this year, there’s no reason for the fun to stop. That’s where after school skating sessions at Rollerland come in! 

Why roller skating is the perfect after school activity

According to researchers, many kids don’t get enough exercise over the summer, which can cause weight gain and loss of conditioning. It’s important to get your kids moving again with physical activities, even if they don’t play team sports. Roller skating is a great way to get some exercise while having so much fun you don’t feel like you’re working out. 

Starting a new year of school can be stressful for kids, and roller skating can help alleviate that stress by not only providing an outlet for physical activity, but also a social outlet! Whether you plan a class outing or just invite a few classmates, an afternoon at the skating rink is a great icebreaker for kids and adults alike. The kids will be speeding around the skating rink in no time, and the parents can even get to know each other better, too. 

It can be hard to get enough quality time as a family during the busy school year, but it’s so important to make time for family togetherness. Roller skating is an affordable, fun, and healthy way to burn off some steam and make memories with your kids, so make us a part of your weekly routine. 

Check out our events calendar to see our skating sessions, and get ready to roll with your kids! 

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