Stay Safe this Halloween!

Costumed girl trick-or-treating at the opened front door of a woman in a halloween print dress who is offering the girl candy.Halloween is nearly here, and that means lots of costumes, candy, and fun! But it also means that you and your family need to be a little extra careful. Help your kids stay safe with these Halloween safety tips:

Costume Safety

While your child is likely to only care about how cool they look in their costume, it’s your job to make sure the costume is safe. Start by making sure it’s fire-resistant. This will help protect them from open flames they might encounter in jack-o-lanterns. Also make sure your child’s costume fits correctly. An ill-fitting costume could obstruct your child’s vision or mobility. Halloween helmets, masks, and hats are notorious for obstructing kids’ vision, so make sure your little one can really see well in their costume. If not, consider a non-toxic face paint as a mask alternative.

Trick-or-Treating Safety

Before trick-or-treating, take time to review basic traffic safety with your child. Little ones can get so excited about Halloween that they may forget about basic safety like looking both ways, where to cross the street, and how to interact with strangers when the big night finally arrives. Make sure your kids stay safe on Halloween by setting specific boundaries such as where they can go in the neighborhood, what time to be home, and what trick-or-treating route is acceptable. Driving or walking the route before the big night is a good idea if your kid will be in an unfamiliar area.

Stay safe this Halloween, and we hope to see you soon at Rollerland Skate Center! Check out our upcoming family events to keep the fall fun coming

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