Summertime Skate Safety

As school lets out, all of our children are like animals free from the zoo. Did we know they really had all of this energy? How do we get them to slow down? Well, we can’t. So roller skating is a great way to spend a rainy (or sunny) summer day.

Skating is so much fun, but it’s a sport where safety is key. Safety gear is optional and there are tons of different items you could wear, but what is really important when it comes to protecting kids? We’ve listed all of the different kinds of skate safety gear and starred the ones we feel are most important.

All Roller Skating Safety Gear:

  • Helmet*
  • Knee pads*
  • Wrist pads*
  • Shin guards
  • Elbow pads

It is important to remember that your list of most important safety gear is personal. You’ll need to take your career and other personal factors into deciding what to protect. For example, a golf pro would want to make sure to wear wrist guards because he cannot do his job with a wrist injury, while someone prone to shin splints might choose to wear shin guards.

After you have all of your skating gear prepped and ready, we have a few tips to practice safe roller skating while on the rink.

  • Consider taking lessons before skating on your own.
  • For your first few skating attempts, find an empty parking lot or come to Rollerland during non-peak hours for more space to practice. Check out our hours here.
  • Once you feel comfortable, then come to one of our special events to show off your new skills.

We hope these safety tips and tricks help you have a wonderful summer of roller skating with your family. We are looking forward to seeing you at Rollerland very soon!

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