Tips to Get Your Kids Out on the Rink

Girl wearing skating pads and helmetRoller skating is a great activity to pass down to your kids, one that not only provides a lot of fun, but also offers lifelong physical and social value. However, it’s probably been a while since you learned to skate, so how do you go about teaching your kids the ropes? Don’t worry, because here at Rollerland, we’ve been helping kids and adults alike learn to enjoy skating for many years – and we have plenty of expertise to share.

Check out some tips for helping your kids get comfortable on the rink, and come on in to practice at our Fort Collins skating rink!

  • First up, try a Skate Mate. These PVC supports on wheels may look a bit like walkers, and they’re basically like training wheels for roller skates! They provide some stability to help kids get used to being on skates and find their balance while learning the basic skating motion.
  • Practice makes perfect. Help your child practice the basics of pushing off, rolling, and stopping.
  • Teach them how to fall and get back up. Learning how to properly fall is an important skill. Let’s face it, it’s going to happen, so knowing how to do it as safely as possible, and how to brush yourself off and move on, is key.
  • With a little extra patience and guidance, even very young children can learn to skate. That’s why a visit to Rollerland Skate Center makes for such a great Fort Collins family activity.

For more information about our Fort Collins skating lessons, or to schedule lessons, contact Jerica at 970-231-8007 or email her at

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