Why Skating is the Perfect Nostalgia

Disco ball at a roller discoFrom 1950s kitsch to 1970s roller disco to 1990s skate jams, roller skating and nostalgia go hand in hand! If you’re looking for a fun and unique party activity or you just want to feel like a kid again, you can’t beat a trip to your local Fort Collins skating rink. Read on to take a roll down memory lane!

You might be a 90s kid if this playlist takes you back to the rink! Who among us has not skated in a conga line to “Come On Ride It (The Train)”? Or performed a spot-on rolling lip-sync performance of Mariah Carey’s “Dreamlover”? There’s a reason skating was the go to activity for so many 90s kids!

If you’re a bit older, skating rinks probably bring you back to 1980s roller disco! For you, “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll” by Vaughan Mason and Crew, “No Parking (On the Dance Floor)” by Midnight Star, or “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang might be a little more your speed.

But regardless or age or era, we all have the nostalgic fun of roller skating!

Come indulge your nostalgia at our Fort Collins skating center! We have an outstanding arcade and fun upcoming Fort Collins events. And don’t worry if you’re a little rusty on skates, because we also offer Fort Collins skating lessons for the young and young at heart. So check out our hours, contact us at 970-482-0497 for more info about our skating lessons, and make your plans to skate today.

Roller Dating

roller skate date

Dinners, movies, and concerts are always nice date choices but do you want something different this Valentine’s Day? Come down to Rollerland for a one-of-a-kind date night that will have you smiling for days to come.

We have undergone some renovations, stocked new skates, and upgraded our sound system for even more fun. Each skate session has a live DJ to play the best music from classics to today’s hits. We provide a safe and alcohol-free environment for all of our guests. Check out our calendar for hours and theme nights.

Besides our skate rink, we have a full arcade with tons of games including skee ball, air hockey, and a crane machine, as well as arcade classics like Donkey Kong and PacMan.

We also have an awesome laser maze where you’ll need to dip, dodge, and duck lasers popping up everywhere. When a laser hits you points get added to your score; the person with the lowest score wins! With all of our fun and games, we have a night full of smiles perfect for any date night.

What is great about a skate date, is that it’s a thoughtful date idea that doesn’t break the bank but does eliminate awkward silences.

If you want to have more child-free fun, we have Adult Skate every Wednesday night from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. With the DJ playing the best of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today, you’ll be sure to skate down memory lane.

Whether you have roller dated before or not, be sure to give it a try at Rollerland this Valentine’s Day.

New Year, New You!

2019 written in the sky with gold fireworks2019 is here! Now is the time to work on you and to start making plans to better yourself in 2019. Whether your New Year’s resolution was to to get fit, spend more time with your family, make new friends, or simply to learn or improve a skill, skating is a great way to help make your resolutions a reality!

Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Roller skating is a wonderful way to get fit. Skating is a low impact cardio workout that’s great at burning calories. 1 hour of moderate skating burns around 330 calories. Speed skating for an hour increases that number of calories up to 600!

If you’re looking to skate for fitness, consider checking out our Skate Fitness class every Tuesday from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Social Benefits of Skating

Whether you’re trying to make new friends or spend quality time with your family, skating is a great way to do it! Active, engaging hobbies are better for relationship building than something static and unengaging like watching more TV. To meet new people, consider our Fort Collin skate lessons. Our beginners classes are held Thursdays from 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm. We also have private lessons if you’d like a little more hands-on teaching to really improve your abilities!

As you can see, no matter your New Year’s resolution, Rollerland Skate Center can help! Check out our hours and upcoming special Fort Collins events and make your plans today. For more information about classes or to sign up for Skate Fitness Classes or skating lessons, call 970-231-8007 or email Jerica at jericalessons@gmail.com.

Ring in the New Year with Fun

Family together dressed in red for the holidaysThe holiday season is here, and that means that New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. With the new year upon us, that makes it time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions.

There are a lot of great resolutions you can make for your physical and mental health, but not all of them are hard work! Planning more quality family time (or more “me time” for your own mental health) is a great New Year’s resolution to make.

Whether you are looking for quality ways to spend family time with your kids, a date location for a night out with that someone special, or time to destress by yourself, Rollerland Skate Center is the place to be! Not only is skating fun, but it’s also a wonderful way to get exercise, regardless of how cold or rainy the weather outside may get.

But we’re more than just a skating rink. Our Fort Collins skating center also has an indoor playground (for those cold winter months and rainy days), a cool laser maze to test your skills, and a great arcade full of fun games. Our arcade features lots of family favorites including skee ball, air hockey, the crane machine, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and much more!

So make plans to spend a little family time in Fort Collins with your loved ones at Rollerland Skate Center. Check out our hours and upcoming Fort Collins events and then make time for a little fun. We hope to see you next year!

What to Buy a Kid with Everything

Don’t know what to get a child that has every toy, electronic, sneaker ever made? Give them the gift of skate.

Whether it is a pair of skates, new laces, or even a gift certificate for them to go with their friends, it will be a gift they haven’t gotten before. With a new gadget appearing every six months, it is hard for us and our wallets to keep up. Giving an experience where memories are formed and time is shared lasts much longer than an iPod or Nintendo. Gifting an experience to enjoy rather than a material item will strengthen and nurture your relationship with the kid on your gift list.

An experience does not have to cost more than the material gift you were going to purchase. “You can put the money you would have spent on a material item toward an experience they will be able enjoy,”Dr. Timothy Bono, professor of psychological and brain sciences at Washington University in St. Louis says. “Regardless of how much it costs, you’re still offering them something to look forward to, an opportunity to spend time with other people, and memories they’ll look back on for years to come.”

Rollerland has tons of experiences to enjoy as a family. We will be open for Christmas Break Skate on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after Christmas from 12-5 pm. We’re also hosting ‘Skate with Santa’ from 1-4 pm on December 23rd. We will be having our Wacky Wednesdays on December 26th to help skate off that Christmas Roast Beast. For our New Years Celebration, we will be kicking off the party on December 31st for our Almost New Year’s Party, and we’ll be open on New Year’s Day. Check our calendar for up-to-date events, times, and details.

Enjoy the holiday break with your family doing something fun. Thank you for another wonderful year!

Volunteering in Fort Collins this Holiday Season is Easy!

Thanksgiving VolunteeringNovember is the month of giving and at Rollerland Skate Center, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to our Fort Collins, CO, community. Of course, there are countless ways to give back during the holidays. Check out some of our favorites below and do what you can for the people in our community who are in need!

Volunteering Just Feels Good!

You might not be rolling in dough this year and we know that picking up gifts for family and friends can put a hurting on your wallet. But volunteering during the holiday season won’t cost you anything but time. And when you give your time for a good cause, it can feel like you’re the one getting paid.

Check out the volunteer opportunities at our local food banks and see how you can help. Feeding America has a great list of places to contact in Fort Collins and the surrounding area.

Bring the Kids!

Volunteering is something that should be passed down to the next generation, too. Living with kindness for your neighbor is something we should all strive for and act on. Teaching your kids these valuable lessons early will have an impact that no classroom can teach.

Volunteering as a family during the holidays is also an excellent way for everyone to do something meaningful together! There are volunteer opportunities for children of all ages.

Blow Off Some Steam

After you’ve gone out and had a fulfilling day giving your time to those in need, why not pat yourself on the back a little and have some fun? Come over to Rollerland for a skate after a day of volunteering! It’s fun for all ages and a great way to have fun with the whole family.

Our Fall Schedule is Up and It’s FUN!

Fall Schedule of ActivitiesThings are really heating up this fall at Rollerland Skate Center in Fort Collins! Our Rollerland family goes above and beyond to make sure you get the best entertainment in town. We offer a fun, family-friendly environment that is safe, alcohol-free, and perfect for all ages.

As a family business, we’re also always looking for great ways to enhance the good times and put that personal touch on your trip to the skating center. That’s why we’ve packed our fall calendar full of awesome events and activities for our skating family!

Check out what’s coming up and make sure to clear your calendar. You can use ours instead!

  • Wacky Wednesdays – Every Wednesday, all season long, we’ll be playing the best music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. From 8 p.m.-10 p.m., skaters aged 18 and up can join the party for only $5.50 plus skate rentals!
  • Christian Music Night – Join us for another amazing night of wholesome fun that is sure to fill your hearts on November 20th. We’ll be playing the best Christian hits plus some really cool games. Admission is only $5.50 and includes skating, playground, laser maze and 12 tokens!
  • Family Fun Fridays – Starting at 6 p.m. every Friday through the fall and into winter, we’ll be opening up our doors for the best family fun in Fort Collins. For only $9, you’ll get up to five fun and game packages, a large pizza, and a pitcher of soda. If you can think of a better way to join in on some great family fun, let us know!

Don’t forget that we also have open skate times every day of the week, too, because you never need an excuse to have a good time and get a little exercise while you’re at it! Give a call at Rollerland or come by to find out what we’re all about.

Stay Safe this Halloween!

Costumed girl trick-or-treating at the opened front door of a woman in a halloween print dress who is offering the girl candy.Halloween is nearly here, and that means lots of costumes, candy, and fun! But it also means that you and your family need to be a little extra careful. Help your kids stay safe with these Halloween safety tips:

Costume Safety

While your child is likely to only care about how cool they look in their costume, it’s your job to make sure the costume is safe. Start by making sure it’s fire-resistant. This will help protect them from open flames they might encounter in jack-o-lanterns. Also make sure your child’s costume fits correctly. An ill-fitting costume could obstruct your child’s vision or mobility. Halloween helmets, masks, and hats are notorious for obstructing kids’ vision, so make sure your little one can really see well in their costume. If not, consider a non-toxic face paint as a mask alternative.

Trick-or-Treating Safety

Before trick-or-treating, take time to review basic traffic safety with your child. Little ones can get so excited about Halloween that they may forget about basic safety like looking both ways, where to cross the street, and how to interact with strangers when the big night finally arrives. Make sure your kids stay safe on Halloween by setting specific boundaries such as where they can go in the neighborhood, what time to be home, and what trick-or-treating route is acceptable. Driving or walking the route before the big night is a good idea if your kid will be in an unfamiliar area.

Stay safe this Halloween, and we hope to see you soon at Rollerland Skate Center! Check out our upcoming family events to keep the fall fun coming

Celebrate National Roller Skating Month at Rollerland

Red Maple leaf laying on green grassOctober is National Roller Skating Month! Originally started by the Roller Skating Rink Operators Association, National Roller Skating Month encourages people of all ages to get out and skate.

Not only is skating fun, but it’s also a complete aerobic workout! This is especially important during the colder months when people tend to be less active. Thankfully, our amazing Fort Collins skate center is the perfect place to get active during the cold months.

But what if your family doesn’t know how to skate? Well then October is the perfect time to learn and Rollerland is the perfect place! In addition to our 12,000 square foot skating floor, we also have a Beginners Skating Area. Here you can get a feel for your skates and practice away from the busy areas. We also offer “Skate Trainers” to help the little ones still learning to skate.

Of course, if you or your children really want to get a jump on learning to skate, then consider our Fort Collins skate lessons! Classes to Learn Basic Skills are held on designated Thursdays from 4:30 pm-5 pm, with new classes starting every month. If you’re not a beginner, then check out our Work it Out Skating Fitness classes held Tuesdays from 4 pm-5 pm. We also offer private roller skating lessons by appointment.

For more information on our skating lessons, contact Jerica at 970-231-8007. Or if you’re already a pro at skating, check out our upcoming Fort Collins special events. Either way, make your plans to celebrate National Skating Month with us!

4 Roller Skate Maintenance Tips

Opened roller skate ball bearingsBefore you take your skates out to our wonderful Fort Collins roller skating center, make sure your skates are properly maintained and in good working order. Check out these 4 roller skate maintenance tips to keep your skates working in tip-top shape:

Skate Boots

It’s important to keep your skate boots dry. Make sure to wipe all the moisture from your boots inside and outside each time they get wet. Also, never use an electric heater (like a blow dryer or clothing dryer), as this can cause warping and other damage. Instead, loosen your laces and let your boots dry naturally after wiping them down.

Skate Wheels

Make sure your wheels spin freely and are free from built-up dirt. If they’re dirty, remove them and give them a quick cleaning. You should also take this time to check for damage or excessive wear. If the wheels are wearing unevenly, rotate them.


Enclosed bearings are normally maintenance free, but it’s still important to keep them clean and dry (this is especially important for outdoor skates). If your bearings are not enclosed, then they’ll need periodic lubrication. To do this, simply remove them from the wheels, wipe them off with a cloth, and apply a couple drops of bearing lube.

Skate Truck

Make sure your skate trucks are tight. If you’ve loosened your trucks for better mobility, then they’ll need to be checked more frequently.

Now that you know how to properly maintain your skates, make plans to head to Rollerland Skate Center! Or check out our events calendar to find out more about our upcoming Fort Collins events.