Tips to Keep Your Skates in Tiptop Shape

Line of colorful skates

If you love to skate and do it regularly, it just makes sense to invest in your own pair of roller skates. Not only will you save money on skate rentals, but you can also find the perfect pair to fit your feet, skating interests, and personal style. However, once you own your own pair, you’ll need to learn how to take care of skates. Check out these skate maintenance tips from the pros at Rollerland Skate Center, where we’ve been sharing the fun of roller skating in Fort Collins for over 25 years!

Keep them clean and dry. 

Roller skates can pick up dirt, dust, and other gunk over time. To keep your skates looking great, give them a wipe down with a soft cloth after each use. If the inside of your skate boots are wet from perspiration, make sure to wipe the inside down, unlace them, and open the tongue up to allow for more air circulation so they can dry out. DO NOT use a hair dryer or place them next to a furnace, as the high heat can cause the boot to warp. 

Check for wear and tear. 

Before each use, check that your toe stops are adjusted properly. Check that wheel nuts are firmly in place and that there’s no movement between the wheel and the wheel nut. Make sure that the truck bolts are tight. 

Clean and replace parts as needed. 

Roller skate bearings must be kept clean and dry in order for your wheels to roll properly. If you give your wheels a spin and notice that they aren’t rolling as smoothly as you’d like, you may need to clean and lubricate your bearings. You should also check your wheels for wear and tear. If your wheels are just dirty, you can clean them with mild dish soap and water. If they are damaged, you should replace the wheels. Over time, you may need to replace other parts as well. You’re always welcome at our Fort Collins pro shop, whether you’re looking for skates, parts, or advice!

Now that you know how to keep roller skates in good shape, come and skate with us! We have a calendar full of fun, family-friendly events in Fort Collins that you won’t want to miss. 

When to Buy and When to Rent Roller Skates

The decision on whether to buy or rent roller skates depends on several factors. Do you plan on skating every so often or every day? Is it more beneficial for you to pay a lump sum up front or pay a small fee every time you skate? If you’re not sure what you need, you’re in luck! Here at Rollerland Skate Center, we’ve already devised your pros and cons lists for both buying and renting roller skates.

Pros of Buying

  • You can purchase whatever pair suits your fancy. Your favorite color is blue? The roller skating rink may not have blue rental skates, but if you purchase your own, you’ll be sure to arrive at the rink in style.
  • In the long run, purchasing your own pair of skates will save you money because you won’t have to pay the rental fee every time you skate. If you plan on participating in several of our events and regular skating hours, this may be the best option for you.
  • Once you break them in, your roller skates will fit you well and be comfier than a rented pair may be.

Cons of Buying

  • The upfront cost of skates is a lot more than renting and you might have to save up to purchase your own pair.
  • When the skates need to be repaired, you also have to pay for that.

Pros of Renting

  • Renting has a lower upfront cost. If you only plan on skating every so often, renting skates may be more cost-efficient.
  • The upkeep of the skates is taken care of by the place you are renting from. You never have to worry about replacing broken parts.

Cons of Renting

  • Rented skates may be a bit uncomfortable at first until your foot gets used to them.
  • It won’t affect your skating ability, but rented skates will seldom match your personal style.

Contact us for any more questions you may have about buying or renting skates.

Summertime Skate Safety

As school lets out, all of our children are like animals free from the zoo. Did we know they really had all of this energy? How do we get them to slow down? Well, we can’t. So roller skating is a great way to spend a rainy (or sunny) summer day.

Skating is so much fun, but it’s a sport where safety is key. Safety gear is optional and there are tons of different items you could wear, but what is really important when it comes to protecting kids? We’ve listed all of the different kinds of skate safety gear and starred the ones we feel are most important.

All Roller Skating Safety Gear:

  • Helmet*
  • Knee pads*
  • Wrist pads*
  • Shin guards
  • Elbow pads

It is important to remember that your list of most important safety gear is personal. You’ll need to take your career and other personal factors into deciding what to protect. For example, a golf pro would want to make sure to wear wrist guards because he cannot do his job with a wrist injury, while someone prone to shin splints might choose to wear shin guards.

After you have all of your skating gear prepped and ready, we have a few tips to practice safe roller skating while on the rink.

  • Consider taking lessons before skating on your own.
  • For your first few skating attempts, find an empty parking lot or come to Rollerland during non-peak hours for more space to practice. Check out our hours here.
  • Once you feel comfortable, then come to one of our special events to show off your new skills.

We hope these safety tips and tricks help you have a wonderful summer of roller skating with your family. We are looking forward to seeing you at Rollerland very soon!

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Break in Fort Collins

Titles spelling “summer” in front of sun glassesSummer is almost here, so here are a few ways to make the most of your summer break in Fort Collins:

  • Get Together with Friends – Don’t let your friendships lapse just because you’re not seeing each other every day. Make time to hang out with your friends IRL. Skating is a great place to meet friends, and you’ll be glad you stayed in touch once school starts back up.
  • Stay Active – Look, we know that it gets hot during the summer, but that’s no reason to be a couch potato. You’ll feel better if you get off the couch and get moving, and there are plenty of great indoor physical activities. Roller skating is a great way to exercise while still having fun (and staying indoor away from the heat). Plus if you play sports, roller skating is a good low-impact way to cross train in the off season.
  • Get Out There and Explore – Shake things up by trying something new. Play tourist in your own town or make time to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for a while but never get around to.
  • Learn a New Skill – Not a very strong skater? No problem. Our Fort Collins skating lessons will get you up and zipping around the rink in no time. Plus, you can feel good about learning a new skill instead of just wasting your time all summer long.

So this summer, make plans to do something fun in Fort Collins with your friends. Our rink has lots of exciting upcoming Fort Collins events, so check out our hours and make plans to hit the rink this summer.

Celebrate the End of School in Fort Collins

School Books sitting in front of a chalkboard with “ABC” written on itThe school year is almost over here in Fort Collins, so why not celebrate with an end of the year party for your child? Here’s why Rollerland Skate Center makes the perfect Fort Collins party venue for your child’s end of school party:

  • Skating is Great for Children of All Ages – No matter what grade your child is graduating from, skating is the perfect party activity! Skating is classic and fun for all ages.
  • Rollerland Skate Center is Part of the Community – We have been a proud part of the Poudre School District’s PaCe program since the early ‘90s. We’re also a family business with over 35 years of experience serving Fort Collins, so we have the experience necessary to make sure your child’s party is perfect.
  • We’re More than Just Skating – As amazing as our Fort Collins skating rink is, we also have a cool laser maze, a fun indoor playground, and an amazing arcade! With so many fun activities, your end of the year party is sure to be a huge hit!
  • Music Makes Memories – There’s nothing quite like some great music to bring us back to our childhood, and your children will be no different. Picking a fun party activity that incorporates music (like skating) will help the children make lasting memories that they can look back on for the rest of their lives.

For more information about using our skating center as your end of the school year Fort Collins party venue, call us at 970-482-0497!

3 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Roller Skating

Roller Disco Rink Lit up in the DarkSkating has a long and colorful history, full of wild stories and interesting tidbits. Here are a few choice roller skating facts we bet you probably didn’t know:

    • Roller skating is much older than roller disco or 1950s carhops. Roller skating actually dates back to 1760. John Joseph Merlin originally invented roller skates and wanted to unveil them by skating into a fancy London party while playing the violin. Unfortunately, Merlin wasn’t practiced enough and instead of marveling guests, he crashed into a mirror and injured himself pretty badly.
    • Even the Amish like roller skating! While the Amish have chosen to forgo the use of cars and other modern machines, roller skates aren’t included. Roller skates have long been an accepted transportation form in Amish communities, although inline skates aren’t nearly as widely accepted.
    • Skating rinks are not just for kids. A skating rink is a wonderfully unique place to bring a date. That someone special will be thrilled to break the monotony of the traditional dinner and a movie date. Our rink also makes for the perfect Fort Collins party venue no matter whether you are planning a corporate outing, class reunion, bachelor or bachelorette party, or a birthday party for an adult or child

Now that you know a little bit more about skating and roller rinks, come experience one for yourself! Our Fort Collins skating center always has something fun to do. Check out our hours and upcoming Fort Collins events, and make your plans to visit today.

Why You Should Treat Yo’ Self with a Night Out!

Man smilingAll work and no play is no good. You work hard all week – but what for? It’s important to make time to play hard and relax to keep balance in your life, and there are few things as fun as roller skating! Go ahead, get rolling at our Fort Collins roller skating center – deep down you know you deserve it!

But just in case you need to justify it to yourself, here are some reasons why you need to treat yourself with a night out:

    • Reason 1 – You got up and did That Thing You Didn’t Feel Like Doing! This could be anything from school to work or even chores! (We all know that laundry and dishes don’t do themselves.) Regardless of what it was, nice work — now you deserve some fun!
    • Reason 2 – That nice thing you did. You know the one. That thing for your kid. Or your spouse. Or coworker. Maybe it was your neighbor? Whatever it was, we’re proud of you! Now it’s time to do something nice for yourself.
    • Reason 3 – Because you haven’t seen your friends in a while (and they probably deserve a little fun themselves). You all deserve to see each out as part of a night out.
    • Reason 4 – JUST BECAUSE! Come on, you know that you don’t really need a reason to have fun, right? We all deserve a little fun now and again.

Skating is a great way to get physical and blow off steam while having a ball! Check out our upcoming Fort Collins events and make plans to play some arcade games and go skating in Fort Collin with some friends.

Tips to Get Your Kids Out on the Rink

Girl wearing skating pads and helmetRoller skating is a great activity to pass down to your kids, one that not only provides a lot of fun, but also offers lifelong physical and social value. However, it’s probably been a while since you learned to skate, so how do you go about teaching your kids the ropes? Don’t worry, because here at Rollerland, we’ve been helping kids and adults alike learn to enjoy skating for many years – and we have plenty of expertise to share.

Check out some tips for helping your kids get comfortable on the rink, and come on in to practice at our Fort Collins skating rink!

  • First up, try a Skate Mate. These PVC supports on wheels may look a bit like walkers, and they’re basically like training wheels for roller skates! They provide some stability to help kids get used to being on skates and find their balance while learning the basic skating motion.
  • Practice makes perfect. Help your child practice the basics of pushing off, rolling, and stopping.
  • Teach them how to fall and get back up. Learning how to properly fall is an important skill. Let’s face it, it’s going to happen, so knowing how to do it as safely as possible, and how to brush yourself off and move on, is key.
  • With a little extra patience and guidance, even very young children can learn to skate. That’s why a visit to Rollerland Skate Center makes for such a great Fort Collins family activity.

For more information about our Fort Collins skating lessons, or to schedule lessons, contact Jerica at 970-231-8007 or email her at

Our Spring Break Skate!

Closeup of roller skates being worn by a womanSpring break is nearly here! For families, this means that you are probably trying to figure out what to do with your kids for a whole week while they are out of school.

Well thankfully for all you parents out there, we are here to help! The week of spring break (March 18-22) our Fort Collins skating center will be offering extended spring break hours all week long!

Spring Break Skate

We will have special spring break hours each day from Monday, March 18th  through Friday, March 22nd. Each day, our Spring Break Skate will start at noon and run until 5:00 p.m. This is an all ages skate. Admission is only $6.00 and skate rentals are only $3.00. As always, the skate rental fee gets you your choice of either roller skates or roller blades.

Fun and Games Special

We will also be offering a Fun and Games Special during this time. For just $5.00 more ($13.00 total), you’ll get admission with unlimited skating, a skate or roller blades rental, unlimited time in our indoor playground, 2 runs on our laser maze, and 12 tokens for our arcade. All that for only $13.00!

So this spring break, don’t just let your kids sit around watching TV. Instead, make plans to get them exercising with a little skating in Fort Collins. And don’t forget to check out our hours and other upcoming Fort Collins events taking place spring break. We hope to see you here!

3 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Next Party Stand Out

 Birthday cake with lit candlesPlanning an upcoming party? Well no matter whether you’re planning a child’s birthday party, an adult party, a corporate event, or a social or church group party, here are some party planning tips and tricks to make sure it’s a great one:

  1. Give Enough Notice – Make sure to give guests plenty of notice. Typically a minimum of 2 weeks notice is considered polite, but it never hurts to give more. This is especially important during busy times of year like around holidays.
  2. Choose a Fun Activity – It’s always easier to pick a central fun activity than to try to fill the time with a bunch of party games and activities. A strong activity (like Fort Collins skating) will make sure all your guests have fun without trying to micromanage all of their time.
  3. Take a Break – Give yourself a break so you can enjoy the party! When you host a party at Rollerland Skate Center, we take care of the details so you can relax and enjoy yourself! No matter whether you are making your child’s birthday dreams come true or celebrating your own special day with a Fort Collins adult skating party, at Rollerland Skate Center we make hosting a party easy and fun!

So make sure your next party is a hit with Rollerland Skate Center! Our amazing skating rink, indoor playground, arcade, and laser maze make us the perfect Fort Collins party venue. Check out our party packages and contact us at 970-482-0497 for more info or to schedule your party today.