Celebrate National Roller Skating Month at Rollerland!

Photo of woman in roller skates from knee downOctober is a month for pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, crunchy leaves, and spooky Halloween fun. But did you know that October is also National Roller Skating Month? It’s the perfect time to learn more about our favorite activity, and we’re celebrating with a special offer. Celebrate National Roller Skating Month with a free admission and skate rental on us

Reasons to Celebrate National Roller Skating Month 

There are so many reasons to roller skate, but these are some of the best.

Roller skating is good for relationships.

Any relationship requires effort in order to grow and strengthen. If you’re honest with yourself, are you spending enough quality time with the people you care about? (And no, zoning out in front of Netflix doesn’t count.) 

Roller skating is a great way to unplug and live in the moment with your favorite people. Whether it’s a date night with your spouse to hold hands and skate to your favorite songs, or a family fun night to reconnect with your kids after a busy school and work week, the skating rink is a fun choice for casual hangouts in Fort Collins

Roller skating is exercise!

Skating isn’t just fun, it’s also one of the most pleasant ways to get some exercise! We have open skating sessions every week that allow local skaters to come spin and skate to their hearts’ content. The health and fitness benefits of roller skating are many, including cardiovascular conditioning, building muscle, and improving balance. Check out this roller skating fitness infographic to learn more. 

Roller skating is affordable.

When looking for things to do in Fort Collins, it can be hard to find activities that the whole family will enjoy without breaking your bank account. However, roller skating is pretty darn inexpensive, especially if you take advantage of our specials, deals, and events! 

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Roller skating is always a good time.

There’s a reason roller skating has earned such a special spot in our cultural lore. From the days of roller skating carhops to roller disco to the childhood hallmark of skating birthday parties, roller skating just feels a little bit magical. If you’re trying to decide how to celebrate a special occasion in Fort Collins, contact us to learn about our group events. 

Skating parties are not just for birthdays. Consider hosting a night out with your BFFs at the skating rink, or booking a party for your bachelor/ette weekend! We also host fundraisers for schools, teams, clubs, and other organizations. And don’t forget the office holiday party—it’s already time to start planning, if you can believe it.   

Regardless of skill level or occasion, you’re always welcome at Rollerland to let the good times roll! 

5 Ways to Customize Your Roller Skates

Action photo of roller derby skaters wearing colorful accessoriesYou can be found at the skating rink whenever you have a chance, and you love showing off your moves when your favorite songs come on! So why don’t your skates reflect your unique personality? If you want to stand out on and off the rink, check out these tips for customizing your roller skates (and gear) from your fellow skating fans at Rollerland Skate Center in Fort Collins. 

5 Ways to Customize Roller Skates and Skate Gear

  • Boots – These days you can get inline and quad skates in tons of colors, materials, and finishes, from holographic glitter to classic leather. But the boot itself isn’t the only way to add style to your skates. 
    • Protective boot covers – These not only protect your skates from scuffs and dirt, but they can also allow you to change up your style with different fabrics based on your mood, the season, or just because! You can even make your own skate covers if you’re feeling crafty! 
    • All of the lights – From light-up laces and wheels to light bars that go under your skates, there are a ton of ways to get your glow on. 
    • Other roller skate accessories – You can also decorate your skate boots with pom poms, bows, toe guards, and even changing out the colors of your toe stops or toe plugs. 
  • Pads and protective gear – Don’t neglect personal style when choosing your elbow and knee pads, helmet, and wrist guards! You can find these in all sorts of colors and patterns to coordinate with your skates. 
  • Bag – If you own your own skates you should definitely invest in a bag to transport them in. Skate bags are available in a variety of colors and materials, but you can also add some custom style with buttons, enamel pins, and stickers from your favorite artists or bands. 

Remember, you don’t have to play roller derby to have fun and colorful skating gear… But you can certainly look to it for inspiration! Whatever your roller skate style may be, you can find the skates, equipment, and accessories you need at our Fort Collins pro shop. Stop by and chat skates with us anytime – we’d love to help you express yourself with fun accessories or maintain your gear with bearings, wheels, and other skating equipment.

Falling on Skates Is Bound To Happen – These Tips Can Make It Hurt Less

Yellow caution sign with figure falling backwardsIf you’re learning to roller skate, it’s inevitable – you WILL fall down. But what you might not know is that there’s actually a “right” way to fall. Read on for some tips from Rollerland Skate Center to help you learn how to fall safely on roller skates, so you can get back up and keep rolling.

Try to fall FORWARD, not backward

If you feel yourself losing your balance, try to go down on one knee in a controlled forward fall, rather than falling backwards and landing on your tailbone. Bruising your tailbone can be quite painful and take a while to heal, whereas if you are wearing protective gear (which you should as a new skater) your knee pads and wrist guards will help protect you in a forward fall. 

Protect your hands

Whichever way you fall, your instinct will be to put your hands out flat to catch yourself. Unfortunately that’s a good way to get your fingers run over by another skater! Instead, get your hands off the floor as soon as possible. Practice getting up off the floor in skates without using your hands until it’s second nature to you. 

Choose a side

Sometimes you can’t help it and you’re going to fall backward. If you feel this happening, try to shift your weight to one side or the other and land on one glute or the other. By taking the impact on your glute instead of smack in the center of your tailbone, the muscle will be able to absorb some of the force of the fall with less chance of injury. 

Of course, practice makes perfect, so if you’re learning how to skate consider taking skate lessons here at our Fort Collins skating rink! We can help you improve your skills and become the confident skater you’ve always wanted to be. 

Keep Summer Fun Alive with After-School Skating

Happy teen girl in jean jacket in front of yellow wall

School is back in session here in Fort Collins, and students are adjusting to their busy academic schedules. While the lazy days of summer are over for this year, there’s no reason for the fun to stop. That’s where after school skating sessions at Rollerland come in! 

Why roller skating is the perfect after school activity

According to researchers, many kids don’t get enough exercise over the summer, which can cause weight gain and loss of conditioning. It’s important to get your kids moving again with physical activities, even if they don’t play team sports. Roller skating is a great way to get some exercise while having so much fun you don’t feel like you’re working out. 

Starting a new year of school can be stressful for kids, and roller skating can help alleviate that stress by not only providing an outlet for physical activity, but also a social outlet! Whether you plan a class outing or just invite a few classmates, an afternoon at the skating rink is a great icebreaker for kids and adults alike. The kids will be speeding around the skating rink in no time, and the parents can even get to know each other better, too. 

It can be hard to get enough quality time as a family during the busy school year, but it’s so important to make time for family togetherness. Roller skating is an affordable, fun, and healthy way to burn off some steam and make memories with your kids, so make us a part of your weekly routine. 

Check out our events calendar to see our skating sessions, and get ready to roll with your kids! 

The Best Birthday Party Themes To Spice Up Your Party

Pineapple with sunglasses and gold party hat

Who doesn’t love a theme party? Adding a theme to your birthday party can take it from fun-but-forgettable to legendary. Read on for some birthday party themes to take your Fort Collins skating party to the next level, and reserve your Rollerland birthday party online.  

The Best Birthday Party Themes for 2019

  • 90s throwback – Host a roller skating party without a retro theme? As if! 90s style is having a revival, so invite your friends to channel their inner 90s kid with an Insta-friendly dress code inspired by the Spice Girls, boy bands, Seattle grunge, West Coast hip hop, Saved By the Bell, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Clueless, and Friends
  • Glow party – Glow sticks and accessories just make everything more fun, especially in a dark skating rink. Stock up on glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, and other fun accessories to get your party guests saying “It’s lit!” All of our party packages even include a glow button for the birthday person! 
  • Island getaway – Throw on some Hawaian shirts and don’t forget the leis! Add some tropical vibes to your party with colorful balloons, flamingo and palm tree decor, and a playlist of fun summer jams
  • Festival fiesta – When it comes to Instagram-ready party themes, why not channel camera-friendly music festival style? Ask your guests to wear their most boho chic outfits and provide metallic temporary tattoos, body glitter, and adhesive rhinestones to glam up their looks even more! You can even let guests create their own flower crowns to take home using colorful artificial flowers from the craft store. 

Whether you decide on a theme or just keep it simple, we’d love to host your birthday party or private event! Please contact us with any questions regarding our Fort Collins party packages.

3 Roller Skating Questions (and Answers!) for the Intermediate Skater

Yellow questions answers sign

Learning how to stay upright and move forward on skates is a feat unto itself. If you’ve mastered the beginner roller skating skills, congratulations! Once you’re a little more comfortable on wheels, you may have some questions about how to level up your skating game. Check out these roller skating tips and tricks to help you get even more comfortable on the rink! 

How do I stop on skates? 

Learning how to stop on roller skates is just as important as learning how to get going in them! Practice these three types of stops so you can do them all and use whichever one best fits the situation. 

  • Toe stop – Use the toe stop on the tip of your skate to create friction and slow your roll. Just tilt the toe of your back foot down enough to gently drag the floor. 
  • Spin stop – Plant one foot, allowing the other to continue gliding around you, pulling your body into a twirl.
  • Plough stop – Often used in roller derby, this type of stop requires you to widen your stance and then point your toes in to create the friction needed to stop. Check out this video to learn how to plough stop

How do I skate backwards? 

You’ve probably seen other skaters spinning and twirling, skating backwards and zig-zagging, and generally getting into a flow with the music. If you’re wondering how to skate backwards so you, too, can look cool and carefree on the rink, try these steps. 

  • Make a V with your feet, toes pointed inward towards each other. 
  • Bending your knees slightly, move your heels outward and bring them back together. You can continue this motion, or for a more advanced option, you can glide by putting slight pressure on the toes of one foot while lifting the opposite foot.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and look back to make sure you’re not going to hit any other skaters.  

Should I buy my own skates? 

If you skate regularly, you might want to consider buying your own roller skates. You’ll save money on rental fees, and you can choose the style that fits your personality best. Stop into our pro shop next time you’re here; we’d love to help you choose a great pair of skates! 

Remember, practice makes perfect! The best way to improve your roller skating skills is by skating. Check out our schedule to plan your next visit to our Fort Collins skating rink

Tips to Keep Your Skates in Tiptop Shape

Line of colorful skates

If you love to skate and do it regularly, it just makes sense to invest in your own pair of roller skates. Not only will you save money on skate rentals, but you can also find the perfect pair to fit your feet, skating interests, and personal style. However, once you own your own pair, you’ll need to learn how to take care of skates. Check out these skate maintenance tips from the pros at Rollerland Skate Center, where we’ve been sharing the fun of roller skating in Fort Collins for over 25 years!

Keep them clean and dry. 

Roller skates can pick up dirt, dust, and other gunk over time. To keep your skates looking great, give them a wipe down with a soft cloth after each use. If the inside of your skate boots are wet from perspiration, make sure to wipe the inside down, unlace them, and open the tongue up to allow for more air circulation so they can dry out. DO NOT use a hair dryer or place them next to a furnace, as the high heat can cause the boot to warp. 

Check for wear and tear. 

Before each use, check that your toe stops are adjusted properly. Check that wheel nuts are firmly in place and that there’s no movement between the wheel and the wheel nut. Make sure that the truck bolts are tight. 

Clean and replace parts as needed. 

Roller skate bearings must be kept clean and dry in order for your wheels to roll properly. If you give your wheels a spin and notice that they aren’t rolling as smoothly as you’d like, you may need to clean and lubricate your bearings. You should also check your wheels for wear and tear. If your wheels are just dirty, you can clean them with mild dish soap and water. If they are damaged, you should replace the wheels. Over time, you may need to replace other parts as well. You’re always welcome at our Fort Collins pro shop, whether you’re looking for skates, parts, or advice!

Now that you know how to keep roller skates in good shape, come and skate with us! We have a calendar full of fun, family-friendly events in Fort Collins that you won’t want to miss. 

When to Buy and When to Rent Roller Skates

The decision on whether to buy or rent roller skates depends on several factors. Do you plan on skating every so often or every day? Is it more beneficial for you to pay a lump sum up front or pay a small fee every time you skate? If you’re not sure what you need, you’re in luck! Here at Rollerland Skate Center, we’ve already devised your pros and cons lists for both buying and renting roller skates.

Pros of Buying

  • You can purchase whatever pair suits your fancy. Your favorite color is blue? The roller skating rink may not have blue rental skates, but if you purchase your own, you’ll be sure to arrive at the rink in style.
  • In the long run, purchasing your own pair of skates will save you money because you won’t have to pay the rental fee every time you skate. If you plan on participating in several of our events and regular skating hours, this may be the best option for you.
  • Once you break them in, your roller skates will fit you well and be comfier than a rented pair may be.

Cons of Buying

  • The upfront cost of skates is a lot more than renting and you might have to save up to purchase your own pair.
  • When the skates need to be repaired, you also have to pay for that.

Pros of Renting

  • Renting has a lower upfront cost. If you only plan on skating every so often, renting skates may be more cost-efficient.
  • The upkeep of the skates is taken care of by the place you are renting from. You never have to worry about replacing broken parts.

Cons of Renting

  • Rented skates may be a bit uncomfortable at first until your foot gets used to them.
  • It won’t affect your skating ability, but rented skates will seldom match your personal style.

Contact us for any more questions you may have about buying or renting skates.

Summertime Skate Safety

As school lets out, all of our children are like animals free from the zoo. Did we know they really had all of this energy? How do we get them to slow down? Well, we can’t. So roller skating is a great way to spend a rainy (or sunny) summer day.

Skating is so much fun, but it’s a sport where safety is key. Safety gear is optional and there are tons of different items you could wear, but what is really important when it comes to protecting kids? We’ve listed all of the different kinds of skate safety gear and starred the ones we feel are most important.

All Roller Skating Safety Gear:

  • Helmet*
  • Knee pads*
  • Wrist pads*
  • Shin guards
  • Elbow pads

It is important to remember that your list of most important safety gear is personal. You’ll need to take your career and other personal factors into deciding what to protect. For example, a golf pro would want to make sure to wear wrist guards because he cannot do his job with a wrist injury, while someone prone to shin splints might choose to wear shin guards.

After you have all of your skating gear prepped and ready, we have a few tips to practice safe roller skating while on the rink.

  • Consider taking lessons before skating on your own.
  • For your first few skating attempts, find an empty parking lot or come to Rollerland during non-peak hours for more space to practice. Check out our hours here.
  • Once you feel comfortable, then come to one of our special events to show off your new skills.

We hope these safety tips and tricks help you have a wonderful summer of roller skating with your family. We are looking forward to seeing you at Rollerland very soon!

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Break in Fort Collins

Titles spelling “summer” in front of sun glassesSummer is almost here, so here are a few ways to make the most of your summer break in Fort Collins:

  • Get Together with Friends – Don’t let your friendships lapse just because you’re not seeing each other every day. Make time to hang out with your friends IRL. Skating is a great place to meet friends, and you’ll be glad you stayed in touch once school starts back up.
  • Stay Active – Look, we know that it gets hot during the summer, but that’s no reason to be a couch potato. You’ll feel better if you get off the couch and get moving, and there are plenty of great indoor physical activities. Roller skating is a great way to exercise while still having fun (and staying indoor away from the heat). Plus if you play sports, roller skating is a good low-impact way to cross train in the off season.
  • Get Out There and Explore – Shake things up by trying something new. Play tourist in your own town or make time to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for a while but never get around to.
  • Learn a New Skill – Not a very strong skater? No problem. Our Fort Collins skating lessons will get you up and zipping around the rink in no time. Plus, you can feel good about learning a new skill instead of just wasting your time all summer long.

So this summer, make plans to do something fun in Fort Collins with your friends. Our rink has lots of exciting upcoming Fort Collins events, so check out our hours and make plans to hit the rink this summer.