4 Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Roller Skate

Teach Your Child How to Roller SkateRoller skating has been around for centuries, providing fun and exercise to people all over the world! Are you interested in teaching your kiddo how to roller skate?

Make sure you dress her in appropriate gear, teach her the basics of roller skating, and bring her to our roller skating lessons! She will be racing around the rink in no time.

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Consider these helpful tips before teaching your child how to roller skate:

  1. Wear the appropriate gear. Make sure to dress your child appropriately with a helmet, wrist guard, and knee and elbow pads. Safety gear will soften the landing if she falls and protect important parts of her body.
  2. Learn the basics. Instruct your little one to keep her knees bent and to lean slightly forward. She should then start walking in her skates to practice her balance. Afterward, while holding her hand, encourage her to roll. When she feels confident rolling, teach her to step forward in a diagonal direction and propel herself forward.
  3. Practice, practice, and practice some more. No one masters any activity on the first try. Encourage your little one to keep practicing even if she takes some falls. (A helpful tip: Allow her to skate indoors on carpet so falls won’t hurt as much!) With your encouragement, her confidence will grow.
  4. Take advantage of our lessons. While it’s true that practice makes perfect, it’s also true that practice makes permanent. So, take advantage of our skate lessons. When your daughter has roller skating lessons, she will learn how to skate correctly and confidently!

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How to Prevent (& Treat) Roller Skating Blisters

Roller SkatesRoller skating blisters are the worst. They not only hurt, but they force you to take a hiatus from the activity you love: roller skating! However, with the right treatment, your blisters will heal and you will be skating at Rollerland Skate Center within a few days.

Here are a few tips and tricks to prevent roller skating blisters:

Break in Your Skates

By using your skates (and using them often), the material will soften and form to your feet. To break in your skates without hurting your feet, skate for a short amount of time at first. Then, gradually skate for a longer amount of time during the following sessions.

Double-Check the Size

A lot of blisters occur because people wear the wrong-sized skates. (Check out this roller skate sizing chart to figure out what size skate you need.) Wearing the right size will help you skate better because your feet and skates are able to act as one.

Pad Your Feet

Never try roller skating without socks on or with socks that are very thin. Use thick socks to help fill out your skates and protect your ankles from blisters. If you want extra protection, use blister pads. These cushioned pads ensure that blister-prone areas are protected.

How to Treat Roller Skating Blisters

So, you played too hard and received a couple roller skating blisters? It happens. Thankfully, blisters don’t take too long to heal. You will be back in the rink in no time.

To treat your blister, apply aloe vera or witch hazel to the affected area with a cotton ball. Cover it with a Band-Aid if you have to put on socks or shoes. However, it’s important to leave it uncovered as much as possible so the area can breathe and heal.

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Do Kids REALLY Need Math and Science?

Here at Rollerland Skate Center in Fort Collins, CO, we want to encourage kids to get interested in science, technology, engineering, and math. That’s why we host STEM Field Trips for schools. Roller skating isn’t just a fun way to spend time with your family and get some exercise–it’s also a great way to learn about STEM, because it uses so many principles from these fields. Check it out! STEM Field trips at Rollerland in Fort Collins, CO

Science – When you push backward with your skates, you move forward. That’s because every action has an equal and opposite reaction–in other words, roller skating is a clear demonstration of Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Not only that, but the First Law of Motion states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force, so roller skate wheels are designed to turn. This means there’s less friction to slow you down.

Technology and Engineering – Roller skates are constantly changing and improving. The first skates were made of wood and leather. They weren’t very safe, and turning was almost impossible while wearing them! Since then, engineers have created all the different, dynamic types of skates that exist in the world, from speed skates for professionals all the way to special skates for toddlers.

Math – When you see skaters doing turns, spins, splits, or other fancy tricks, you know they’re using math. You may not realize it, but there are so many calculations for a skater: how fast you need to go, what angle to move your legs and arms, how long it will take you to stop. Think how instinctive this sort of informal calculations are, and then ask yourself again if you’re any good at math!

Rollerland’s STEM Field Trips encourage kids to get interested in these fields by answering that age-old question, “When will I use this?” We use math and science all the time, and often in fun ways! Contact us today to set up a field trip for your school.

3 Ways Roller Skating Improves Your Health

exerciseAre you searching for an activity that makes you happy, gives you a great workout, and strengthens your heart – all at the same time? Look no further. Roller skating has been proven to do all of this and more. At Rollerland Skate Center, we have skaters of all ages racing around the rink, making memories, and having a blast.

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Discover three (out of many) ways that roller skating improves your health.

Boosts Your Attitude

  • It’s important to be healthy physically, but also in the emotional and mental aspects of your life. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that help minimize discomfort and give you a feeling of well-being. This undoubtedly helps you think more clearly and feel happier (all while getting a great workout and improving your physique).

Works Out Your Body

  • Have you ever seen fit runners tackling the pavement at 5am? Maybe you’ve even thought about going for a run before work to fit in your workout. However, think twice before lacing up your sneakers. It’s been proven that running is harsh on your joints! Roller skating gives you a similar workout, but puts far less strain on your joints.

Strengthens Your Heart

  • The heart is a muscular organ that needs to be exercised. One of the ways to do this is by roller skating! Our favorite aerobic activity is great for your heart, increasing your heart rate to 140-160 beats per minute. With your heart growing stronger, your endurance will also increase. You will be able to tackle harder projects or activities without feeling winded.

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Summer Day Camp For Kids

Are you tired of the normal summer shenanigans? Are you ready to switch it up this summer? Are you ready for your kids to have the best summer ever? We thought so. At Rollerland Skate Center we have the perfect summer plans for your kids. Sign up for our summer day camp. It will be the best part of your kids’ day!

Retro Roller Skates

From May 30th-August 11th Rollerland will have our annual summer day camp for kids. They work hard in school during the year and deserve to have some fun during the summer. It can be hard when parents work all day, so we want to take them off your hands and give them some of the best days ever! Skip the babysitter and let the kids have days filled with fun activities and tasty food.

Some of our activities aren’t things you can do at home. We will have our skating rink open and plenty of other activities available like mini golf and bowling. If the kids get tired, they can take a break and watch a movie. The kids will even have opportunities to swim! We will communicate with you when your kids need to bring their swimmies. These are some of the best summer activities available for the summer and your kids can do all of it with us at Rollerland Skate Center.

For all summer fun, supervision, and food throughout the day, our starting rate is just $35 per day. That’s cheaper than hiring a babysitter! Ensure your child is having the time of their life and staying healthy and active at the same time. For more information about our summer day camp, contact us.

It’s Time For A Birthday To Remember

Birthday parties are meant to be remembered years. As a kid you get to choose your favorite place to spend your birthday. Many kids will choose to spend their birthday at Rollerland Skate Center in Fort Collins. Aren’t sure if a skating birthday party is for you? Learn more about our options.

cupcakes with candlesIf you can navigate over to our party section of our website, you’ll find that we offer a variety of packages for your birthday extravaganza. And we have an announcement for summer: we’re offering special discounts on party packages!

Our first party package gives the birthday child and guests the choice of one attraction at Rollerland Skate Center. They can choose from the following list:

  • Unlimited Skating (including rental)
  • Unlimited Playground (ages 10 and under only)
  • Laser Maze Challenge (2 runs per person)
  • Arcade (12 tokens per guest)

With the chosen activity, your party will also receive two large pizzas, two pitchers of soda, one hour of the reserved party room, and a souvenir water bottle. The birthday boy or birthday girl will receive plenty of extras, including a special birthday announcement and gifts from Rollerland.

With our new summer discount, the party crew can receive our upgraded party package for the same price as the basic package. Package number two includes all of the same fun, but the birthday party can choose TWO activities instead of the one. That is a deal that nobody can pass up!

With so many friends going on vacation, it can be hard to celebrate summer birthdays. Plan ahead (and skip the sunburn) with a roller-skating birthday party. Want to learn more about throwing a party at RollerlandContact us today.