3 Ways Roller Skating Improves Your Health

exerciseAre you searching for an activity that makes you happy, gives you a great workout, and strengthens your heart – all at the same time? Look no further. Roller skating has been proven to do all of this and more. At Rollerland Skate Center, we have skaters of all ages racing around the rink, making memories, and having a blast.

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Discover three (out of many) ways that roller skating improves your health.

Boosts Your Attitude

  • It’s important to be healthy physically, but also in the emotional and mental aspects of your life. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that help minimize discomfort and give you a feeling of well-being. This undoubtedly helps you think more clearly and feel happier (all while getting a great workout and improving your physique).

Works Out Your Body

  • Have you ever seen fit runners tackling the pavement at 5am? Maybe you’ve even thought about going for a run before work to fit in your workout. However, think twice before lacing up your sneakers. It’s been proven that running is harsh on your joints! Roller skating gives you a similar workout, but puts far less strain on your joints.

Strengthens Your Heart

  • The heart is a muscular organ that needs to be exercised. One of the ways to do this is by roller skating! Our favorite aerobic activity is great for your heart, increasing your heart rate to 140-160 beats per minute. With your heart growing stronger, your endurance will also increase. You will be able to tackle harder projects or activities without feeling winded.

Are you ready to get a great workout while having fun? Check out our hours and come skate with us!

Family Fun Month Rolls into the Rink!

Did you know that August is Family Fun Month? It’s time to cap off an amazing summer (or squeeze in those memories you missed making) with fun family activities in Fort Collins. What adventures will your family find at Rollerland Skate Center?

Weekly Skating

You don’t have to wait for the weekend to treat your family to fun. Our weekday skating sessions include:

  • happy familyTuesday matinee from noon to 4pm. All ages are welcome!
  • Wacky Wednesdays. Skate noon to 4pm or 5-8pm with the whole family. Our evening session offers skating, rentals, playground admission, and laser maze admission for just $2.50 apiece!
  • Late night date night. Plan a retro night of fun with adult-only skating every Wednday from 8-10pm.
  • Thursday matinee from noon to 4pm. Perfect for a grandparents’ day out with the kids!
  • Friday fun. Skating opens at noon, and the fun doesn’t end until 10pm. Swing by after 6pm to take advantage of our Family Fun Friday deal.

Just can’t get enough? We offer full afternoons of roller-skating every Saturday and Sunday.

Extra Activities

Skating is our most well-known activity, but there’s plenty of fun for everyone at Rollerland. Go head-to-head for the title of Ultimate Gamer in the arcade, master the laser maze, or if you have kids 11 and younger, watch them climb, crawl, and slide through our 3-level playground.

Skating Parties at Rollerland

Who says you can only party on your birthday? Make the most of the end of summer with pizza, a private party room, and your kids’ closest friends. It’s a memory your children will never forget!

Quality Time with the Kids? Check!

With so many people running in so many different directions, spending quality time together as a family can be tough. Roller-skating is an activity everyone can enjoy, from preschool age kids to grandparents who want to spoil the kids for a few hours. Rollerland is making your family nights better than ever. Looking for a fun family activity in Fort Collins? Don’t miss Family Fun Fridays!

More Skaters, More Savings

cheerful kids in car

At Rollerland we encourage families to take a break and laugh together. We’ll even give you an incentive to spend the evening with the people you love most! Every Friday night we offer a Family Fun deal for families of 5 and more. That can include parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, kids, cousins, and even that longtime neighbor who basically counts as family. Grab the kids and hit the rink. With Family Fun Friday, you’ll get:

  • Up to 5 Fun & Games Specials.
    • This special includes unlimited skating, skate rentals, 2 runs through the laser maze, 12 arcade tokens, and unlimited time in the indoor playground for kids 11 and younger.
  • 40 arcade tokens
  • 1 large pizza
  • 1 large pitcher of soda

We know that you’re looking for an affordable way to spend time with the kids before school starts again. This package is worth $80, but the memories you’ll create are priceless. Rollerland wants to help you make those memories a reality by giving you $31 off our Friday night special! Get the Family Fun Friday package for just $49. The fun starts every Friday at 6 pm.

Summer Day Camp For Kids

Are you tired of the normal summer shenanigans? Are you ready to switch it up this summer? Are you ready for your kids to have the best summer ever? We thought so. At Rollerland Skate Center we have the perfect summer plans for your kids. Sign up for our summer day camp. It will be the best part of your kids’ day!

Retro Roller Skates

From May 30th-August 11th Rollerland will have our annual summer day camp for kids. They work hard in school during the year and deserve to have some fun during the summer. It can be hard when parents work all day, so we want to take them off your hands and give them some of the best days ever! Skip the babysitter and let the kids have days filled with fun activities and tasty food.

Some of our activities aren’t things you can do at home. We will have our skating rink open and plenty of other activities available like mini golf and bowling. If the kids get tired, they can take a break and watch a movie. The kids will even have opportunities to swim! We will communicate with you when your kids need to bring their swimmies. These are some of the best summer activities available for the summer and your kids can do all of it with us at Rollerland Skate Center.

For all summer fun, supervision, and food throughout the day, our starting rate is just $35 per day. That’s cheaper than hiring a babysitter! Ensure your child is having the time of their life and staying healthy and active at the same time. For more information about our summer day camp, contact us.

It’s Time For A Birthday To Remember

Birthday parties are meant to be remembered years. As a kid you get to choose your favorite place to spend your birthday. Many kids will choose to spend their birthday at Rollerland Skate Center in Fort Collins. Aren’t sure if a skating birthday party is for you? Learn more about our options.

cupcakes with candlesIf you can navigate over to our party section of our website, you’ll find that we offer a variety of packages for your birthday extravaganza. And we have an announcement for summer: we’re offering special discounts on party packages!

Our first party package gives the birthday child and guests the choice of one attraction at Rollerland Skate Center. They can choose from the following list:

  • Unlimited Skating (including rental)
  • Unlimited Playground (ages 10 and under only)
  • Laser Maze Challenge (2 runs per person)
  • Arcade (12 tokens per guest)

With the chosen activity, your party will also receive two large pizzas, two pitchers of soda, one hour of the reserved party room, and a souvenir water bottle. The birthday boy or birthday girl will receive plenty of extras, including a special birthday announcement and gifts from Rollerland.

With our new summer discount, the party crew can receive our upgraded party package for the same price as the basic package. Package number two includes all of the same fun, but the birthday party can choose TWO activities instead of the one. That is a deal that nobody can pass up!

With so many friends going on vacation, it can be hard to celebrate summer birthdays. Plan ahead (and skip the sunburn) with a roller-skating birthday party. Want to learn more about throwing a party at RollerlandContact us today.

Home Run Team Parties

School will be over before you know it, and the kids will be searching for something to fill the summer. For many families, summer sports are the best of all worlds: fun, social, and active enough that “summer couch potato mode” never activates. But summer sports are about more than just practice and games. Reward players for their hard work with a summer team sports party at Rollerland!

Team Sports Parties in Fort Collins

softball teamIt doesn’t matter what sport you coach. The kids will love the chance to laugh, play, and relax at our Fort Collins skating center. Team sports parties are great for baseball teams, dance troupes, cheerleaders, volleyball players, gymnastics teams, and other kids’ teams. It’s a great way to help the players connect and build trust pre-season. Team parties are also awesome for celebrating wins, getting over losses, or wrapping up a great season. Why book a team party at Rollerland?

  1. It’s air conditioned. No sweat, no sunburns, just one cool party!
  2. No food prep. Leave the orange slices at home. Our parties include pizza, soda, and the option of add-on refreshments.
  3. Nonstop entertainment. Those players have a lot of energy. Use it! At Rollerland, your team will get unlimited skating, unlimited playground, unlimited arcade, or a double run for each kid in the Laser Maze. Want a 2 attraction party? Book it for just $2.50 extra per kid!
  4. Assistant coaching. Need an extra set of hands to serve the snacks, hand out trophies, and make sure everything runs smoothly? Our team sports parties come with a party host who has plenty of practice in refereeing skating parties.

Get a major win this summer with team sports parties at Rollerland.

Summer Savings Rolling Your Way

Summer vacation is what you make it. So make it amazing! If you’re looking for somewhere you can have fun staying active, hang out with friends, spend quality time with the kids, or just show off your latest skating moves, Rollerland is the place of you. Even better? We’re helping your wallet have an awesome summer, too. Take advantage of these summer skating deals in Fort Collins.

3 Summer Deals at Rollerland

  1. family huggingWacky Wednesdays. Let those goofy grins show! We’re turning up the wacky fun for $5 skating every Wednesday from 5-8pm. Admission is just $2.50, and so are skate rentals. Have your own skates? Bring ‘em and skate all evening for just $2.50. That’s less than a drink at the movies!
  2. Fun and Games Special. It pays to play. Want to score unlimited skating, rentals, unlimited playground useage, a double run through the laser maze, and 12 tokens for the arcade? Purchase the Fun and Games Special for just $12. Even better? It’s just $9 on weekdays. The more the merrier: invite a friend!
  3. Family Fun Fridays. The family who skates together saves together. Are you tired of breaking the bank on family excursions? We’ve got a great deal for you every Friday night. Starting at 6pm you can get 5 Fun and Games Specials plus a large pizza, a pitcher of soda, and 40 extra tokens for just $55. That’s $25 worth of savings every Friday of the summer!

What are you waiting for? Hit the rink and let’s go skating!

Summer Fun of All Kinds!

Whether you’re planning a party for a church group, summer camp, or school field trip, finding a summer activity that everyone will enjoy can be tough. At many venues, booking group parties gets expensive, and the threat of rain or sweltering weather can ruin any outdoor activity with little to no warning. But there’s one activity you can count on to entertain everyone, rain or shine: roller skating! Book your group party at Rollerland and take advantage of our vast array of party packages for group events in Fort Collins.

Rollerland: Made for all Kinds of Fun

  • camp kids marchingSports teams Roller skating isn’t just a fun hobby to enjoy with family and friends. Skating is a great form of exercise, a fun way to expend energy, and a great reward for kids sports teams after a great season.
  • Church groups – The classroom can be a great place to love, learn, and love learning, but everyone needs to step out of their comfort zones from time to time. Take a day off for a group trip to Rollerland skate center and give the kids a chance to make friends, let Sunday School and VBS lessons sink in, and have fun in different environments.
  • Daycares As any parent could tell you, no child likes feeling cooped up for too long. Even in a daycare setting, kids need a day just to step out of their familiar environments and have some fun. Even if the kids are too young to skate, they’ll love our indoor playground!

Rollerland offers party packages to accommodate any size group for any occasion. You can even book a group event online for added convenience! To learn more about summer field trips in Fort Collins, check out our Facebook page.

School’s Out…Skate and Celebrate!

School’s out! It’s time to go skating!

If you’re looking for family fun, look no further. This Friday is packed with exclusive bundle packages, extra skating sessions, and food and drink specials. Long weekend? Let the good times roll!

School’s Out All Day Skate

school's out signSchool’s out, which is reason enough to celebrate. We’re squeezing as much fun into the day as we can. Skate all day for just $5.50! Bring your own skates or rent a pair for just $2.50 extra. If you’re worried the kids will get bored sticking to skating skating from 11am-5pm, don’t worry; we have plenty more fun where that came from! Take advantage of our Fun & Games Special. Get roller-skating, skate rentals, access to the Lazer Maze, 12 tokens for the arcade, and a chance to play on the playground (for kids 10 and younger—the older kids can get 2 extra runs at the Lazer Maze!).

Score lunch for free with our Early Bird Special. Buy a Fun & Games Special before 11:30am and get a free hot dog, drink, and bag of chips. It’s the best way we can imagine to kick off the long weekend!

Friday Fun in Fort Collins

The fun doesn’t stop at Rollerland! Skate the day away at the School’s Out Skate, then bring the family back for nonstop fun at Family Fun Fridays from 6-10pm. Get pizza, drinks, tokens, and Fun & Games Specials for a family of 5 for just $55!

Ready to roll? We’ll see you at Skateland.

Teach Kids to Love STEM

The Rollerland team loves seeing kids get excited about education. We encourage students to engage their curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math with interactive STEM field trips that combine two awesome things: roller-skating and learning.

Why We Need STEM Education

kids with chemistry setStudies show that STEM fields are growing faster than any other industry. But student interest doesn’t match the need for qualified candidates, and many of the available positions go unfilled. Why? Because sometime around middle school, many students lose interest in learning about STEM. Many upper level classes don’t encourage kids to stay interested in STEM. And in many school systems, girls are actively discouraged from pursuing science, technology, engineering, or math education. So what can we do to close the gap?

STEM Field Trips

Rollerland is doing our part to show kids that STEM can be fun. Our lessons incorporate the science of motion, acoustics, rink design, engineering and lighting, and physical fitness to build a foundation of curiosity and problem-solving in the minds of elementary and middle school students. We have a variety of lessons available, and we’re happy to partner with Fort Collins teachers to find the STEM lessons that most closely match their current curriculum. After an hour of STEM education, the kids will get 2 hours to roller-skate. After all, exercise is good for the brain!

Whether you’re looking for a fun spring outing or planning ahead for the fall curriculum, our skating center is here to help. Call today to book a Rollerland STEM field trip.