3 Simple Steps to Roller Skate Maintenance

Purchasing a pair of roller skates is an investment. However, by investing a little time with these three simple steps for maintaining your skates, they can keep you rolling for years to come.

roller-skates-415389_960_720#1 – Before Using Your Skates for the First Time

Make sure your skates are safe and ready to go before using them for the first time. You should do an initial check to make sure all parts are securely attached and adjusted.

  • Check to see if the wheels are attached properly by making sure that the wheel nut is screwed in firmly. There should be no wobbling between the wheel and the wheel nut.
  • If your roller skate is a quad, make sure your toe stop is properly adjusted to where you want it to be.
  • Four-wheeled roller skates have a space between the four wheels that is called a truck. The bolt in the truck area must be kept tight.

#2 – Check after Every Skating Session

You should check your roller skates after every time you skate:

  • Make sure that the wheels aren’t loose and tighten as needed
  • Dry the bearings if they are wet to prevent them from rusting or corroding. If dirty or rusty, only clean with rubbing alcohol because dish soap will damage them.

#3 – Additional Roller Skate Maintenance

  • If you notice that your ride is not as smooth as it used to be, you can remove the bearings from your wheels to lubricate.
  • While you have your bearings removed, take the opportunity to wash your wheels with some dish soap and hot water. Make sure that the wheels are completed dry before putting your bearings back in them.
  • Freshen your skates by exposing the insoles and placing outdoors in a sunny area. For stubborn odors, sprinkle baking soda inside the boot.

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