4 Tips for an All-Star Team Party

Your kids put a lot of work into sports. Reward them with a team party! Whether you’re kicking off the season with a team bonding social event or celebrating a great season of teamwork and fair play, you’ll want to book a Rollerland sports team party. You’ll get food and refreshments, tokens, 1 hour in the party room, and your choice of unlimited roller-skating, unlimited playground (for kids 11 and younger), 2 runs/guest in the Laser Maze Challenge, or 12 tokens per child for the arcade. Dancers, ball players, cheerleaders, and other kids sports teams will have a blast at a Rollerland bash.

4 Tips for Planning a Kids Sports Team Party

  1. boy playing baseballMake a guest list. Will it be just kids and coaches, or will you invite parents and siblings along for the fun? Pre-season sports parties with no extra guests help players get to know each other, building trust that will carry them through the season. Plan to invite families to post-season parties. Parents will want to support their kids and hear about the successes of the season.
  2. Pick a place. You’ll want a venue where there’s space for everybody, entertainment to keep the kids from getting bored, and staff to set up and clean up your party. If you get stuck throwing a team party at your place, you’ll wind up in charge of the food, the fun, and the mess.
  3. Find food. The kids are going to get hungry. Do you have a meal in mind? When you book a sports team party at Rollerland, we give each player 2 slices of pizza and a 12oz soda. They can also buy extra snacks from the snack bar.
  4. Make a fuss. The team had a great season. Make sure they know it! Acknowledge excellence on both an individual and a team level. Don’t just reward star performers, but also acknowledge kids who grew as players, helped teammates master new skills, and exemplified team spirit.

Don’t wait to plan your kids sports team party. Call Rollerland to reserve a party time. Then get rolling!

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