4 Tips to Teach Your Child How to Roller Skate

roller skateMoms and dads, are you searching for a new activity to teach your child? Roller skating is one of the best and most beneficial activities for a child to learn! When they roller skate, they are getting great exercise, developing their brain, and having fun.

Consider the following tips to teach your child how to roller skate:

Buy Appropriate Gear

When a child learns a new activity such as roller skating, it’s very likely that she will fall (a lot). Make sure you dress her in knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet, and wrist guards to make sure she is well-cushioned.

Start Out on Carpet

After slipping on the right-sized skates, encourage your child to practice standing and walking in her skates. These simple steps are the backbone to roller skating! If she starts out on carpet, falling won’t be so scary.

Put On Your Roller Skates

Many children learn by watching their parents. So, go ahead and put on your roller skates. Skate around the house and driveway with your little one! They will be able to put two and two together: your words and your actions.

Have Fun Together

No one loves an activity because they were forced to love it. Kids love doing things because they’re having fun! Play games together on your skates, laugh together and be silly. (You can also have a blast enjoying fun games at Rollerland!)

When your child is ready, head to Rollerland Skate Center to practice her skill on the roller skating rink! She’ll be able to glide around the rink in no time. Check out our hours and visit us today.

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