Birthday Traditions at Rollerland

Tradition is important. Many families celebrate the passing of each year with a birthday tradition. Where you live and where you’ve grown up could mean that your birthday traditions are extremely different that those of others. Perhaps you are used to the traditional western celebrations that are commonly celebrated in the United States. These often include include bright decorations, a cake (and maybe ice cream), the birthday song, and on many occasions, a birthday party or celebration. Sometimes a party for kids might take place at a favorite event venue, such as Rollerland Skate Center in Fort Collins! In other parts of the world, some of these common traditions may be shared, but there may be additional traditions.

Birthday Traditions at RollerlandOur neighbors to the north in Canada (the Atlantic side) celebrate birthdays with the greasing of a nose. Yes, that’s right, you might have your nose greased for your birthday! Imagine if you will, all of your friends and family members coming after you with butter or margarine. Once they’ve got you trapped, they spread it on your nose. With a buttered nose, the bad luck won’t stick to you for the year!

Heading south, a tradition in Mexico includes the piñata. Armed with a bat or a stick, blindfolded children take turns hitting a paper maché animal or figure in an effort to break it open and get the sudden shower of goodies that are stuffed inside. Don’t forget that you have the option to make this activity less dangerous with eliminating blindfolds.

Rollerland is family owned and operated, and roller skating has always been a part of birthday traditions for us. We invite you and your family to share in this tradition by celebrating your next birthday at Rollerland Skate Center.

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