Halloween Costume Party!

Halloween is right around the corner! We love this time of year – the candy, the costumes, and the parties! While celebrating Halloween should be fun, it is also important to keep safety top of mind, especially when it comes to children trick-or-treating. Here are just a few ways you can ensure your kiddo has a spooktacular and safe Halloween experience:

  • Name tags: put your and your child’s information on a name tag or bracelet before they head out trick-or-treating, especially if they will be going in a group with other children and adults
  • Choose bright colored costumes: bright and neon colors are easier to see at night time. If your child’s costume is darker, consider putting neon tape on it!
  • Opt for face paint over masks: masks can constrict your child’s breathing, so instead opt to paint their face!

We hope these tips help keep your children safe as they are out trick-or-treating on Halloween. But no one says you have to wait until October 31 to celebrate Halloween! At Rollerland Skate Center we are celebrating with our very own Halloween party! Here’s what we have going on:

When: Sunday, October 30
12 pm – 5pm

Where: Rollerland Skate Center
324 South Link Lane Fort Collins, CO 80524

Tell me more! We will have $6.50 admission, $2.50 rentals, and discounted “Fun & Games” special for $12 (includes skating, skate rental, playground, laser maze, and 12 tokens). We will also have Halloween themed games! All ages welcome. No advanced reservation or booking required!

Halloween Party October 30

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, October 30 at Rollerland Skate Center, where the good times roll in Fort Collins, Colorado!

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