How to Prevent (& Treat) Roller Skating Blisters

Roller SkatesRoller skating blisters are the worst. They not only hurt, but they force you to take a hiatus from the activity you love: roller skating! However, with the right treatment, your blisters will heal and you will be skating at Rollerland Skate Center within a few days.

Here are a few tips and tricks to prevent roller skating blisters:

Break in Your Skates

By using your skates (and using them often), the material will soften and form to your feet. To break in your skates without hurting your feet, skate for a short amount of time at first. Then, gradually skate for a longer amount of time during the following sessions.

Double-Check the Size

A lot of blisters occur because people wear the wrong-sized skates. (Check out this roller skate sizing chart to figure out what size skate you need.) Wearing the right size will help you skate better because your feet and skates are able to act as one.

Pad Your Feet

Never try roller skating without socks on or with socks that are very thin. Use thick socks to help fill out your skates and protect your ankles from blisters. If you want extra protection, use blister pads. These cushioned pads ensure that blister-prone areas are protected.

How to Treat Roller Skating Blisters

So, you played too hard and received a couple roller skating blisters? It happens. Thankfully, blisters don’t take too long to heal. You will be back in the rink in no time.

To treat your blister, apply aloe vera or witch hazel to the affected area with a cotton ball. Cover it with a Band-Aid if you have to put on socks or shoes. However, it’s important to leave it uncovered as much as possible so the area can breathe and heal.

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