Skating Blisters 911

Nothing ruins your roller skating fun quicker than a gross, painful blister! Don’t worry, though–they’re not a fact of life. Here’s how to prevent roller skating blisters!

  • bandaidFirst, make sure your skates are right for you. They should fit well, and be in good repair, with no damage, loose parts, etc. If you’re not sure what size you need, don’t guess–talk to one of the friendly, professional staff at Rollerland Skate Center.  Make sure your skates are properly laced and tied tightly so they won’t slip and slide on your feet.
  • Second, check what’s under your skates. Always wear socks when roller skating! Thick, long socks that extend several inches past the top of the skate boot are your best bet. Make sure your socks fit you well and aren’t bunched up in the toe of your skates.
  • Finally, look at how you’re skating. If you push with just your toes, you’re likely to develop blisters there. Instead, push off with your whole foot, which spreads out the pressure and minimizes friction on your toes.

If you do get a blister despite your efforts, resist the urge to pop or poke at it! Cushion it with a blister bandage. If it pops on its own, keep the area clean and dry to prevent infection.  Finally, remember that practice makes perfect–the more you skate, the stronger your feet will get and the less prone to blisters you’ll be. Check out the schedule and come work on your skills at Rollerland Skate Center anytime we’re open!

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