What’s the Most Productive Day of the Week? Tuesday!

Did you know that Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week? According to lifehacker.com they are! Lifehacker shared the results of a Canadian survey among human resource managers. The results pointed out the most productive days of the week with 33% of the managers identifying Tuesday as the most productive day of the week. We had no idea that Tuesdays were the most productive day of the week, but at Rollerland Skate Center, we intend to help everyone be more productive.Fort Collins, Tuesdays

We figure that if everyone is so productive on Tuesdays, then they’re gonna want to take things just a little bit further. You can be productive with your physical health by hitting the rink and getting the exercise you need. You can be productive with your social life by stopping by Fort Collin’s best hangout on a Tuesday night. Or, you can take a break from all of that productivity that you’ve experienced throughout the day and just relax with some of the best beats dropped by our DJ.

Whatever your plan is, we’re happy to celebrate in your productivity in sharing our Tuesday Open Skate tradition with you. Open to all ages, our Tuesday Night Open Skate lives on at Rollerland Skate Center in Fort Collins!

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