Rainy Day Fun at RollerLand Skate Center

Rain in the forecast? For most parents, the panic can soon set-in when you realize the kids will be cooped up in the house until the bad weather passes. After all, it can be hard to keep your children entertained in your house for so long.

Indoor Activities in Fort Collins, CO at RollerLand Skate Center

Before you panic, check out this list of fun rainy-day activities that are sure to cure your kids’ rainy day cabin fever:

  1.    Cook dinner together

Teaching kids basic cooking skills will benefit your family now, and your kids later in life! Cooking with your family is a great way to teach them their way around the kitchen, how to measure properly, and how to have a balanced diet – valuable life-lessons!

  1.    Write letters (On actual paper with actual pens and pencils)

Writing hand-written letters seems to be a task that our current society is phasing out, but it is an important skill to teach your children. Have your kids write some letters to out-of-town relatives or friends! Whoever is receiving them will appreciate them. After all, who doesn’t like getting special mail?

  1.    Make cool Paracord bracelets

A super entertaining craft for kids that are a little older!  Check out some instructions on how to make them here!

  1.    Come visit Rollerland Skate Center!

What rainy day activity is better than indoor fun at Rollerland? Come check out our 12,000 sq/ft skating floor, lazer maze, playground, and arcade to escape the rain at 324 South Link Lane Fort Collins, CO or contact us at 970-482-0497

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